The Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations

The Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations (IOCI)

The IOCI reports to the Justice group of COMPNOR and serves as the Empire’s central law enforcement agency. It investigates and combats criminal activities affecting Imperial concerns, mostly including multi-system criminal syndicates and similar organizations. The IOCI also targets particularly nefarious individuals who have committed crimes on multiple planets or in Imperial space.

By necessity, with its jurisdiction spanning the known galaxy, the IOCI frequently works in tandem with other agencies and factions. This includes Imperial Intelligence, the Imperial Military branches, and local agencies. The IOCI also works with the ISB and other COMPNOR agencies when called to do so. However, the ISB is far more concerned with political matters and threats, while the IOCI focuses on matters of criminal law and its enforcement.

The IOCI also supervises the Sector Rangers—independent and long-respected providers of law and order in the farthest sectors of the galaxy. As a general rule, IOCI agents don’t tend to be too zealous about Imperial doctrine, though this in no way makes them lenient about enforcing the law.

Two types of elite operatives serve the IOCI, in addition to its regular officers and investigators.

Sectors Rangers

First are the Sector Rangers, a body of talented and effective law enforcement officers that has existed for centu- ries through different governments. Traditionally apolitical, the Sector Rangers often provide the only real source of law and order in the more distant regions of space. They tend to operate in pairs or small teams, commandeering resources and local police or militia as needed. In the current Imperial era, the Sector Rangers still serve and remain mainly independent, though COMPNOR keeps a close watch on them.

Special Enforcement Officers

Special Enforcement Officers (SEOs) are elite agents recruited primarily from the Sector Rangers and given broad authority and resources to deal with the most dangerous criminals. Often working undercover and in highly dangerous circumstanc- es, SEOs overlook any number of minor offenses in the pursuit of a greater threat. This cavalier at- titude and willingness to work with almost anyone to catch the perpetrators of truly heinous crimes makes the Sector Rangers and SEOs popular with the citizens at large, yet does little to endear them to the ISB and other COMPNOR loyalists.

Sector Rangers and SEOs have a great deal of latitude when pursuing justice. This includes the ability to recruit civilians with special abilities to help with their investigation. A competent team of fringers may find themselves unexpectedly and temporarily deputized by a Sector Ranger or SEO who has need of their specialized skill set

The Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations

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