Star Wars - The Enemy of my Enemy

Session 3 - On to Vanqor
By the maker

Act 2 – Pulling the Ears off a Gundark

Our debutant smugglers have been tasked to deliver their shipment to the planet Vanqor. Thanks to a prompt departure from Bespin – It helps to work for a sector ranger who can clear customs – and precise calculations from Ay-Vee, the 7 days hyperspace trip to Vanqor is cut in half.

This gives time to the party to rest and recover. Frobacca slices into the recuperated stim’s soldiers weapons, giving two more blaster carbines for the party to use. Those are imperial issued carbines and may not be acceptable to carry on many worlds.

Ay-Vee decides to explore. Instead of coming out on Vanqor orbit, the droid pushes to the planet Typha-Dor, in the Uziel system, and land in the capital Sarus-Dor.

Sarus-Dor is not a big city, but our heroes are able to find a decent hospital to recuperate, and spend an evening seeking out information.

Wes, through his contacts in law agencies, learn that Marek Quay, the sector ranger who the party made a deal with, is rather new to the Anoat Sector. He arrived a few months ago when the prior ranger was promoted to a Core World sector.

At a cantina, the party learns that Vanqor is hosting a big event this week, the Gundark Open, an exclusive big-game hunting competition to kill or capture the best Gundark.

Making finally their way to Vanqor, they arrive 1.5 days prior to the start of the competition. As planned, they make contact with Weeko Nicks, a toydarian businessman, who while suspicious at first, come to believe the party is but a bunch of newbies, and disregard them. The exchange of goods if made, 2000c for the shipment of supposedly “rare ale and spirits”.

Vurt however impresses enough the Toydarian that he and his sycophants (!) are invited to his master party, Muraga the Hutt that evening.


There seem however to be a disagreement among our heroes about what should be the overall plan. The disagreement stemmed from a core question: Who to fear the most – a Hutt lord or a Sector Ranger?

Much of the afternoon is spent debating the next move. Should they wait and fear that Muraga discovers the tracking device surely placed in the crates by the ranger, or do they grab the bull by its horns, go to the Hutt and spill the story? After all, they are but the smugglers. Yet, would the ire of the Hutt fall upon them first?

Finally, they decide to wait and attend the party hosted by Muraga the Hutt. Since Vurt was invited, for his obvious charm, they will continue the farce and pretend to be his entourage. The droid will be announcing Vurt and continuing to build up its reputation with video clips for the party goers. The jawa, after a brief costume change – purple looks so good – will make himself forgotten and sneak around. The others will play the part of bodyguards, mingle and listen.

Muraga the Hutt’s Party

The main hold of Muraga’s luxury liner is a sight to behold, with multicolored veils of rich silks draped from ceiling to wall. Table after table of expensive food and drink are crowded with nobles, merchants, and hunters – all criminals. Smoke wafts to the upper decks as fashionable, good music plays, and feasters dance, laugh, and conduct business.

On a raised dais at the rear of the area, flanked by four gamorreans with brandished vibro-axes and a twi’lek majordomo, is the corpulent form of Muraga the Hutt, watching the revelry with a satisfied smirk.

Muraga the Hutt

Soon after arriving to the party, Vurt and his entourage are introduced to the powerful Muraga the Hutt.


The Hutt’s guards stare at you resolutely as you approach the mighty Muraga’s dais. The Hutt is managing to stuff his face, smoke a large water pipe, and manhandle an exotic rodian dancer at the same time. He licks his lips excitedly as the dancer moves away coyly and greets you in a loud, booming voice.

  • Chobaso bai mah yicei cohka. Jee dotmay uba chespo panwa bu e’nachu an bu whirlee. [Smack the dancer butt and laugh]
    Welcome to my humble party. I hope you have been enjoying the food and the dancers. [Smack the dancer butt and laugh]
  • Ah’chu apenkee an haku doth mee yanee wata yabee?
    Who are you and what is your business here today?
  • Ah, uba doth bu ulwan ai koose bu bankepie gocola an bauparai. Jeejee sonpa uba, tah cohka nah doth hih ban Corellian dhonu! [Laugh]
    Ah, you are the smugglers than brought the rare wine and spirit. We thank you, this party would not be whole * without Corellian brandy! [Laugh]

They play it safe, keep the conversation light, and soon take their leave from the Hutt to mingle with the party goers.

The party is going strong: a mix of rich people and hunters, and lots of drinks. The hunters seem frustrated though and our “bodyguards” pick up on the vibe. There is resentment about last year hunt, when Muraga’s team brought a live gundark. Since it is nearly impossible, many wonder whether it was rigged, and whether this year see a repeat of last?

Special Waiters

Jeek’Tal, the jawa, suddenly spots something that turn its blood cold. Suddenly, something unusual catches your eye. A human waiter – possibly the largest you’ve ever seen – is delicately holding tray of canapés. A massive frame and large muscles seem to bulge out of his waiter’s jacked. Darkly sunken eyes are set into a hard face with a long scar running across the left cheek, leading to a mangled ear, much of which is missing. His look is the same that the freaks who attacked our heroes back on Bespin. What is he doing here?

As the “waiter” disappear in the servant’s entrance at the side of the chamber, the jawa first, then Wes and Leon, decide to follow discretely. Our two humans take however the wrong turn and end up in the toilets… but the jawa is in its element, and purple clothes or not, he remains unnoticed as he approach the hidden place of the “waiter”

Stalking down the corridor, dodging oblivious servants, you keep out of sight while tailing the massive form of the faux waiter, who eventually enters a nearly empty area of storage, filled with crates and dimly lit. From behind cover, you quietly witness the large man approach three others like him, also in waiter’s garb, suddenly rushing to them and kneeling on the floor. One of the large men is prone, shuddering and shaking violently, as he moans softly. Jeek’Tal recognizes it as the one who withdraw during their encounter.

The faux waiter barks at the others, “What happened?” Another replies, “He needs the juice! Did you get it?”
“No…” Stim replies, as the moaning man suddenly grows very silent, and still. The three remaining men lower their heads, and you see tears come to their eyes. Stim reaches down to check his pulse, “He’s… he’s gone.” nother one hits a nearby crate, shouting, “DAMMIT, Stim!”

“ENOUGH!” Stim barks, silencing his men. “_You know we have to save all that we have for now – we’ll need it.”_ He grabs the back of the other man’s neck in a brotherly fashion, “Be strong, Rix. They will pay for what they’ve done to us. We will free all our brothers and make them pay. The juice is guarded, I couldn’t get to it. But I saw them loading it onto their hunting skiff, and managed to download the handoff coordinates from that fool twi’lek’s terminal; they’re doing it in the preserve, those crafty bastards. Tomorrow, we enter ourselves in the hunt. The day after, we surprise them. We avenge Marcus, and get the juice we need to free the others and end this for good! Stay strong, my brothers. FOR HONOR!” he intones, and the other two follow suit.

The three men then carefully drape the dead man’s arms over his chest, and close their eyes, as they begin softly singing a funeral dirge.

Untouched by this emotional display, the jawa race back to the main room, intent to let the Hutt and his guards know of the danger. Those soldiers could barge in at any time and wreck havoc. Yet, as he enters he hear the announcement that Vurt the Magnifique is to dance!

Vurt the Magnifique

Vurt dance is sensuous and acrobatic at the same time. He performs well, and many patrons seem pleased, especially a older gentleman of seemingly good wealth. The Hutt however must prefer more erotic dances, maybe with slave girls in chain.

Vurt surely hoped for more but rejoice not to have displeased the Hutt at least….and as the evening progress, the freak soldiers do not appear. They must be intent to enter the hunt and grab the spice then, but why would the spice be in the hunting reserve? Is the Hutt selling it to someone else, and if so who?

Nonetheless, it is clear our heroes must enter the hunt. It isn’t cheap though, 10000 credits, and their old land speeder wouldn’t get them far. They need a sponsor and equipment!

Vurt tries out with the old gentleman he impressed and almost secure his sponsorship but when the man learn of how unequipped the team is, he backs away. Yet, he gift Vurt with 1000 credits.

Who to turns to?… Marek?….It seems they have to get themselves deeper into the Sector Ranger web! Calling Marek means he knows now exactly where they are, and he isn’t happy about the spice being soon disappearing into the reserve. Grudgingly he agrees to lend another 6000 credits but our heroes better deliver or they will face consequences!

With enough funds, our heroes register for the hunt, but they still need a better land speeder…

Session 2 - Distasteful Bargain
by Jeek'Tal

Kavin the Employer needed “spirits” moved. “Spirits”. Hiring a team this big with so many triggermen? “Spirits”. No matter. Credits are credits and cargo is cargo. He haggled well, Kavin. It’s a shame he didn’t bargain for a blaster bolt through his skull.

Bad habit … our fixers assassinated at the start of jobs. This is no good for negotiating prices on future jobs.

The killers were Imperial commandos. Hah! No surprise. (spits) Savagery and the Empire are conjoined twins. The brutes wore harnesses and tubes of strange fluid. Almost wanted one, but they were spoiled by Imperial crests …. and they did not standup well to laser blasts.

So long since I took down a stormtrooper, and now I do it more out of compulsion than for satisfaction. That’s a lie. I enjoyed it.

Silly humans of mine fight so strangely! They stand in the open attracting blaster fire like magnets. Our people say, “Trouble? Disappear.”

The wookie knows gadgets. I could learn from him. And his friend the probe droid. He would fetch a lot of credits.

This sector ranger Marek stinks of corruption, but he has all the “water” …. so we must follow the trail he maps for us. Now we’re tangling with hutts? Bad deal. Betraying cops gets you jailed. Betraying crooks gets you killed, and it’s bad for business. “The shrewd do what they can, and fools do what they must.”

Session 2 - Sounds Like a Good Deal!
By Vurt Kagner

From the Ongoing Script of the Play in Making

The Characters

The Amazing Vurt Kagner: The charming ‘smuggler’
Wes: The grizzled former lawman
FroBacca: The brilliant mechanic
AV-130: The tech wiz pilot
Jeek’Tal: The diminutive sharpshooter
Leon Celes: The level headed mercenary

Scene 1 – The Arrest

As the scene opens, our rag tag crew is being pulled over by Bespin’s Cloud City security, due to the fire fight over at the warehouse. The Charming Smuggler attempts to explain why they were fleeing, and how there were just there to pick up a shipment of rare alcohol to be transported. To the ragtag crews surprise, but not the security forces, the crates are opened to reveal…..Glitterstim!

Naturally taken aback by this astonishing revelation, the crew protests – they had no idea, and haven"t yet done anything wrong – despite their pleas, they are taken into custody.

Glitterstim or Glitterdust

Glitterstim was the name of a potent variety of the drug family “spice” that was mined on Kessel. It gave the user a brief, yet pleasurable telepathic boost and heightened mental state. It was a very valuable kind of spice, and tightly controlled by the Galactic Empire.

Holonet: Glitterstim

In the Interrogation Room

The crew sits there in their binders, and restraining bolt. The Charming Smuggler, does his best to annoy and distract the interrogator, his ever constant finger tapping getting more than one side glance. The Jawa Sharpshooter wriggling and squirming, is unable to slip free of his bindings, as the Sector Ranger, Marek Quay, smirks at them all, looking over their datapads. No doubt this crew, in this joint, their crimes likely list a few sectors long. He could have them all locked away for a very long time. Even though on this bust, they’re just small potatoes. That’s when the Charming Smuggler offers him the deal he was clearly waiting for…the chance to bust the recipient of the Glitterdust! A bust like that…getting the head of the totem pole, is guaranteed promotion…and this sector ranger is a go-getter.

The crew barters back and forth working out some details, but in the end, they’re in little position to argue…it’s either go to jail now, or take his deal, for possible payoff, but possible betrayal later. The Charming Smuggler is okay with later – can’t likely find his lost paramour while locked up.

Sector Ranger

The Sector Rangers were established during the days of the Galactic Republic as the Senate mandated the creation of a universal police agency, charged with apprehending criminals and keeping the peace, a concept duplicated in each sector of the Republic. While local law enforcement agencies were restricted by jurisdictional boundaries, the Sector Rangers were able to pursue criminals anywhere within a given sector or even beyond to bring them to trial.

WikiHolonet: Sector Rangers within The Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations (IOCI)

Scene 3 – Back to The Lucky Lady

The heroes decide to head to their ship, The Lucky Lady, that poor dead Kavin had let them use. The droid needs some repairs, a few of the fellows need some rest, and a transponder needs to be looked for. That Roguish Smuggler decides to relax and scope out the best quarters, and already begins decoration of his room. The ship’s garishly painted – Orange, green, magenta – Kavin always was a bad artist….but dedicated to his art. Probably one of the reasons the Smuggler was initially drawn to working with the man…an artists soul, shame nothing meaningful came of their relationship..Kavin cut down to short before anything to blossom. At least the Smuggler can keep Kavin’s memory in these quarters…as they are very clearly his former quarters. The decorating just screams of him.

Scene 4 – Searching Kavin’s Flat

The party is rested, and needs some intel. Thankfully our Charming Roguish Smuggler was clever enough to lift Kavin’s ID card, so they know exactly where to go. Heading down to the lower sectors, they get a few eyes, until Wes the Lawman flashes his guns, scaring off the landlord.

Some of the guys look itchy to try and slice the door, but that Smuggler, just whips out the ID, and unlocks it, stepping in without a care in the world, some others speak up saying maybe he shouldn’t…but he does.

Keeping the Wookie and the Jawa on lookout, the rest search the place. The Smuggler working on the data terminal..he was never much of a computer guy, he knew how to find time to pass and look up certain holovids…apparently Kavin enjoyed the same thing…including a few holovids with some old flames of the Smuggler…

Never knew Tharbos could bend like that...”

But just like their new found ship, luck was on our heroes side, they got the details of who the buyer was, where he was located, and when the shipment was expected.

Their course clear, they set to head back to the ship, the Cool Headed Merc mentioning that he was gonna check out the network about rival gangs, and those mercs from before, and who all might be interested in hijacking the Glitterdust! While nothing is learned of the mercs, word came back, that, their Toydarian buyer is working for a Hutt crime lord, Muraga the Hutt.

Just like a worm to be involved.

Scene 5 – Ambush on Landing Bay 49

The crew still separated, the Wookie and Jawa hanging back behind to keep an eye on things, head back to their ship. They can see the crates of Glitterstim waiting there for them to load up. They also see three very large visitors. moving on an intercepting path. Our Charming smuglger gives one a wink, thinking they must be fans of his…and soon they all turn a dial on their chests, their muscles bulging, foam forming at their mouths, their eyes growing wild and savage.

The Smuggler: “I’ve had men drooling over me before, but never like this.

And with that there begins the sounds of blasters firing, knives clashing and slicing. Wes, the Grizzled Lawman is run down by two of the creatures and falls at the outset, only for our Caring Smuggler to rush back, reviving him during the frantic fight. The Expert Droid Pilot even brings a roof down on these monstrosities, Soon their drug dispersal systems are all broken in various ways, the fight becoming more rational…normally the crew wouldn’t have a problem…but these were Imperial Special Forces; their armor top of the line; their skills superb. It was a hard bloody battle, but our lovable crew makes it out of there, with only one of the Imperials fleeing.


Soon after the firefight ends, the conniving Sector Ranger, Marek Quay, shows up, questioning what the he’s going on. Chewing out the worn out crew for destroying a building, and to tell them not even to try and screw him over in this Glitterdust bust

Smuggler: “They did that. Try and prove otherwise.

Fade Out

Session 1: The Enemy of my Enemy
By the Maker

Act I – Crime in the Clouds

Just Another Blue Milk Run…

Our first-time smugglers have just arrived on Cloud City of Bespin to take shipment of a cargo of rare ales and spirits. Their long-time fixer and contact, Kavin Rel, arranged to meet them in a cargo warehouse, on the upper levels of Cloud City, where the team would collect the shipment and delivery instructions. After piloting their battered cargo speeder “The Bantha” through the atmosphere, and landing it on one of the interior loading platforms for the warehouse, they enter to meet Kavin…

The ozone smell of blaster fire fills your nostrils as you contemplate how this happened. Again. It was just supposed to be a simple pickup – a shipment of rare ales and spirits your contact on Bespin wanted smuggled off world. But within moments of your arrival at the warehouse, your contact suffered a critical case of being dead, as a blaster shot rang out from the rafters to kill him, and a group of thugs burst into the warehouse, armed to the teeth and rushing towards you with murderous intent!

With Kavin’s body lying dead on the floor, and the two crates of rare ales and spirit still to bring back to the cargo speeder, a tough firefight must ensue against the unknown thugs and their leader, a Barabel, sniping from the rafters.


JeekTal, the Jawa Assassin, quickly spots the Barabel sniper, in a perfect position, perched high on the tallest crane, in the shadow of the roof. Targeting him is a nightmare despite Jeek’Tal and Wes, the Human Marshal best attempts. Not that the Barabel has better shots anyway… It’s almost like Wes is protected by the Maker – the shots ring around him, but a pipe bursts, spilling hot and sleek oil, which starts a fire that promises to engulf Wes.

AV-130 “AV”, the party Droid-Scout, looses no time and rushes to the computer terminals. Slicing into the system, it brings the tall crane hard down, dropping the stunned Barabel right next to Wes, and into the burning oil! Apparently the Marshal’s gun must be firing blanks, ’cause despite being at point blank range, hitting the Barabel seems impossible.

Wes and the Barabel struggle among the fire, and finally drop down from the crate. The Barabel leaves behind his sniper heavy blaster rifle which starts to sizzle. Hidden until then, Frobbacca, the Wookie Outlaw-Tech, bursts from the shadows to punch hard the burning Barabel, dropping him for good.

The shiny heavy blaster rifle is too much of a draw for Jeek’Tal. Running, jumping onto the crate and sliding through the burning oil, the jawa ends up clutching the hot weapon.

While this action takes place, the other thugs are moving in, closing the way to the cargo speed. As the firefight continues AV nearly becomes a bucket of bolts. Leon Celes, the Human Mercenary Soldier, understand rapidly the need to encircle the thugs. He moves into position of fire cover, while Vurt Kagner, the Zelton Performer, somersaults over crates to crash right among the thugs, slashing left and right with his vibro-sword.

The air is smelling of burnt lizard skin, burnt wookie hair, and ozone blaster fire.

Our heroes are victorious but out of breath. Yet they cannot take a breather. An alarm is ringing, Cloud City Security must be coming fast and our smugglers need to run… with the crate of rare ale and spirits, off course.

To be continued…

Items Recovered

  • Kavin Rel – Id chip
  • Heavy Blaster Rifle with Telescopic Optic Sight attachment

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