Wesley "Wes" Dylynn




Wesley has various scars on body from run-ins with the bad sort during his career as a lawman, including blaster burns, slug punctures and vibro-blade cuts.


Social Class

The High and Mighty (p37 EotE Core)

Background Hook

The Local Leader (p14 Far Horizons)



Wesley is a long-time member of the galactic legal system, having studied and practiced law on his home panet of Alderaan, serving as an intern in the capital district office of the Attorney General of Corellia, and becoming – quite by accident – a career lawman in the Outer Rim. As such, he has a strong sense of justice and always tries to balance the letter and spirit of the law.

A Score to Settle

Wes was forced into retiring in disgrace after the death of an innocent citizen during a hostage negotiation-gone-bad. Wes learned that the incident had been engineered by an as-yet-unidentified operative likely in the employ of the Banking Clan. Wes will not stop until the truth is uncovered and he clears his name.


Cause – The Weak/Charity

It is in Wesley’s nature to rise to defend the innocent and protect the weak. He will typically root for the underdog when the cause is just, and believes it is his duty to be a champion for the disenfranchised. He will steadfastly protect the rights of all sentient species.



Wesley, or Wes, is the second of three sons of the Honorable Bartolomew Dylynn, a prominent barrister, political thinker, and philanthropist from Alderaan. Wes was a hard-working young man, and despite the fact that his talents were not for academics, through hard work and discipline he was able to complete his university studies on Corellia. He later attended law school on Alderaan, and joined his father’s prominent firm in the planetary capital soon after passing his qualification exams.

While Wes and his father share similar values, such as a reverence for the law and due process, they have very different talents. While Wes lacks the insightful intellect of his father, which the elder Dylynn used in crafting elegant legal arguments to some of the highest courts in the Core, he showed promise as a trial lawyer, using his natural intelligence to persuade juries with arguments that were not only logical, but had emotional impact. With his uncanny ability at managing hostile witnesses, Wes was soon being groomed as a prosecutor, and some thought he had the talent to eventually serve at the highest levels of the Galactic Republic on Coruscant.

He was seriously considering pursuing this career route, and even served as an intern with the Attorney General of Corellia for a year. When his renewal came up, he decided to put it off serving another term as the childhood lure of the frontier and its promise of challenge and reward was resurgent in him. When Wes decided to take a sabbatical from the law and serve as a part of a colonial mission to the Outer Rim system of Vesserea, his father was encouraging, thinking Wesley’s experience there would give him “real world” experience. Secretly, however, he hoped that his son would soon tire of life in the Rim and return to the civility and sophistication of the Core Worlds and the practice of law.

Despite his youth, Wes soon established himself among the elders of the colony as a pragmatic man of uncommon wisdom and good character. He served as the colony’s first schoolteacher and was charged with the responsibility of establishing several colonial institutions, including the bank and the transmissions and customs office. Due in no small part to his diligence and thoughtfulness, Wes was often asked to serve on numerous steering committees, including chairing the one that chose to retain the famous lawman Jonn Taaloor of Anoat to serve as the first Marshal of the Colony.

The first year on Vesserea saw many developments, including the awarding of contracts to several Corporate Sector Authority-regulated firms to prospect for and process resources both on the planet and its largest moon, which included ores and gasses with significant economic value. Funds provided by several private firms as well as an investment arm of the Banking Clan allowed for the purchase of equipment and hiring of experts needed to develop these opportunities. Of course, it wasn’t long before this attracted the attention of a criminal element that sought to take this newfound wealth as its own.

Not long after mining operations began, the criminal pirate crew of the Rancor’s Bane, led by the infamous captain Teelo of Rodia, had attacked the undefended settlement in hopes of misappropriating its newly discovered reservoirs of silver ore. In the fighting, Marshal Taaloor was gunned down, shot in the back by a sniper. The terrified colonists, left defenseless against Teelo and his band of brigands, looked to the well-spoken Wes to parlay their release and safe transport off-world.

Instead, Wes took up Jonn’s two blasters and began shooting. Not a single shot missed its target. In what seemed like a miracle, Wes had gunned down half the pirate crew, and had their in-shock captain Teelo dead-to-rights at a distance of two meters. In the end, four of the ten pirates were dead-as-nails, and the remaining six were the colony’s first prisoners – who took up residence in the first jail of the colony, which they helped build.


Wesley "Wes" Dylynn

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