Vurt Kagner





Social Class

The High and Migthy (p37 EotE Core)

Background Hook

The Accidental Rebel (p45 AoR Core)



Being a typical amorous Zeltron, it’s no surprise, someone as charming as Vurt has a long list of past flames, and romances. What is surprising, to Vurt, and sometimes other Zeltrons, is how upset these flames can get over his leaving them, or never botheirng to commit to them. The other alien species seem to have some belief that their relationship with Vurt was a commited and monogamous one, when like most Zeltron, monogamy is some amusing and quaint belief that others have, that is ridiculously unrealistic.


Ambition – Love

It is in Vurt’s nature to seek partners to share comfort and pleasure with. What matters to him most is the passion and enjoyment others can feel when around him, if someone is upset, he will try to ease their discomfort, to get them to laugh, smile, and be happy. It’s just a natural part of him and his culture. The fall back is how naive he is in regards to others. A past flame coming back to haunt him, in his eyes, is a past flame coming back to enjoy time with him. Until they reveal otherwise. What drives him most is his desire to find a meaningful and deep bond with others, the beings he is meant to be with…



Like many on Zeltros, Vurt enjoys all the various aspects of life, luxury, and excess. He was even a Performer of some reknown for the upper class, Acting and music were some of his more talked about skills.

When someone told him he should bring his skills along and join Pasho’s Galactic Carnivale, being the naturally gullible, reckless fellow he was, shrugged and thought no reason not to. Of course this didn’t sit well with the various men and women he was having a ‘relationship’ with, as he tossed them to the side and left home.

While travelling with Pasho he picked up a few different tricks, and skills, learning how to captivate a crowd, and of course, seducing all the way.

Things were good in the Carnivale, until a couple of ‘buddies’, thought it would be fun to have Vurt recite a pro-rebellion ‘monologue’ in front of a few Imperial officers. If it wasn’t for Jolee, Vurt’s pretty face would have ended up all over a Nar Shadda’s cantina.

So without a word, he left the Carnivale, leaving behind a few more jilted lovers, and trekked across the Galaxy, meeting various interesting people along the way, one woman of interest was a pleasant human by the name of Jem Mardin, who had heard of his ‘portrayal’ of the Anti-Empire ‘monologue’ he delivered, and to his pleasant surprise, she didn’t try to arrest and or kill him. For once, however, he was left in the lurch, and found himself thinking of her every so often, wondering, if and when he might see her again.


Vurt Kagner

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