Leon Celes

Human-Hired Gun-Mercenary Soldier




Social Class

Middle Class Struggles (p37 EotE Core)

Background Hook

Ennemies and Antagonists (p38 EotE Core)

Obligation(s) and Motivation(s)

Favor / Life Debt

Moira Valse and Hiro Ta’Comb were student at the Imperial Navy Academy together. They were very close but ended their relationship when they graduated. Moira would be stationed nearby as an intelligence analyst while Hiro would ship out to a remote but promising postion aboard the frigate Paragon.

Moira put herself at great personal risk when she doctored Hiro’s file (declaring him dead) after the loss of the Paragon and created his new Leon Celes identity. They have established a computer dead drop keeping in sporadic contact. Leon would be hard pressed to deny her anything she might ask, especially if it involved fallout from her attempts to help him.

A Score to Settle / Revenge

Hiro Ta’Comb served under Captain Lance Tetsuo aboard the Paragon. While the Paragon’s mission was a relatively straight forward anti-piracy/suggler one it had one of the best interdiction rates on the fringe. Hiro eventually learned the truth, Captain Tetsuo was incredibly corrupt, marauding ships and classifying them as rebels after the fact. Hiro was thrown into the brig after confronting Captain Tetsuo when in a twist of irony the recent group of ‘civillians’ turned to actually be rebels that successfully took out the Paragon.

Captain Tetsuo blamed the entire incident on Hiro, accusing him of high treason, and attempted to assassinate Hiro to silence him. Hiro, now Leon, escaped and has a score to settle with Lance Tetsuo. More generally Leon cannot stand the kind of corruption that puts people at direct risk and he will do his best to see such people pay for their crimes.



Hiro Ta’Comb was orphaned and then participated as a young child in the clone wars. His world was sort of a rural back water that was quite grateful for Imperial aid to rebuild after the war. He attended the local sector academy when he was old enough and was made a Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy. His first posting was to a small frigate patrolling pacified planets. His commanding officer was corrupt and incompetent eventually causing Hiro to refuse a direct order to execute a group of people his commanding officer suspected were Rebel spies. Having been sent to the brig, actual Rebels later successfully attacked the ship forcing all hands to abandon it allowing Hiro to escape in the confusion. By the time he had gotten back to civilization, he found out that his commanding officer had already blamed the entire incident on him, accusing him of high treason. His pseudo girl-friend, who had gone into the administrative branch, was able to get him a new identity and list him as deceased. It would be months before the ‘mistake’ would be discovered giving him more than enough time to slip away and start a new life as Leon Celes.


Leon Celes

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