Jawa-Bounty Hunter-Assassin




Social Class

The Down and Out (p36 EotE Core)

Background Hook

The Avenger (p14 Dangerous Covenant)



Jeek’Tal’s a Jawa. Enough said? While his people are known for their propensity to salvage scrap of any and all sorts, and their creative and mechanical talents, Jeek’Tal’s obsession with gadgetry goes one level further. It operates on a deeper level. Techno-keptomania reasserts his connection to his slaughtered people and their culture. Beyond his conscious knowledge, he takes gadgets because it helps him to feel a part of his clan again.

The character has a strong addiction he must keep feeding. The character devotes a lot of time, energy, and resources to pursuing or obtaining the object of his addiction. Avoiding this Obligation has an almost immediate result-withdrawal. The exact nature depends on the addiction, but the character finds it increasingly difficult to concentrate on even mundane tasks, often reflected in the GM adding anywhere from ■ to ■■■ to skill checks.


Alone and forced to get by in Mos Eisley, Jeek’Tal got by any way he knew how. This involved petty theft and selling stolen merchandise, for which he was caught and convicted. It also involved two shootings for which he was suspected, but never charged. In legal matters of violence, law enforcement and the courts often discount the notion of a violent Jawa, because they are considered to be a cowardly and pacifistic little people. Sometimes stereotypes of one’s species can be a benefit. He is wanted in suspicion of taking a holochip from a droid he might have interacted with in Tatooine before his people’s slaughter. There is an unusually high amount of Imperial interest, at the highest levels, around this seemingly innocuous issue.


Cause – Overthrow the Empire

While exiled from his Jawa clan for refusing an arranged marriage, Jeek’Tal’s clan was slaughtered by Imperial stormtroopers looking for droids on Tatooine. This deprived Jeek’Tal of any hope of reconciling with his people and launched him into a mode of vengeful hate against the Empire. This savage moment of oppression is deeply imprinted in Jeek’Tal’s soul. Mind, body, and soul, he is convinced that Empire is the source of all evil in the universe, and all efforts to oppose and tear down the Empire bring about common good.


Recently outcast by his Jawa clan for refusing to accept an arranged marriage, Jeek’Tal ironically avoided the slaughter of his clan by Imperial Stormtroopers on the hunt for some important droids on Tatooine. Horrified and robbed of his chance to make amends with his clan, Jeek’Tal committed himself to a path of bloody vengeance against the Empire. So he set aside the proclivity of his species for pacifism and scavenging … well pacifism anyway, and he took up arms to avenge his fallen kin. Desperate and seething, he scavenged what and how he could, which did not endear him to local authorities. He did find powerful, and less reputable fellows were willing to pay him for his marksmanship and flexible morality. And so he plies his deadly trade, picking his battles and always seeking opportunities to harm Imperial interests … and steal shiny things.



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