AV-I30 "Ay-Vee"




Arakyd Industries Viper Class Probot – Imperial Issue #30.47568397.36475


Social Class

The Outsider (p37 EotE Core)

Background Hook

Ex-Imperial Operator (p16 Enter the Unknown)



The Black Sun pirates that found him know he carries big secrets the Empire doesn’t want exposed. They also know AV really doesn’t want the Empire to find him again because of his betrayal. Black Sun now has a resource, and they intend to exploit it…

The Black Sun blackmailers have found a resource that they can readily exploit in this probe droid, and AV will do whatever he must to keep them happy and prevent the Empire from discovering him and ending his freedom.


Ambition – Wanderlust/Novelty

AV relishes in his new found freedom and is driven to explore every inch of the galaxy, and meet and learn about new organics. AV will always take the chance to explore somewhere new, even if its not always in his comrades’ best interest.



The Empire, in an effort to eliminate chaos in the galaxy, dispatched thousands of probe droids into the galaxy to search for signs of rebellion and discord. AV-I30 was one of these many probots and his straightforward programming left little interpretation of his purpose and his mission…

That is, until his hyperspace pod’s trajectory was miscalculated and he spent several days passing through an unknown galactic anomaly, perhaps a nebula not depicted on the star charts, or something alien in design… AV did not notice at first the slight alterations the anomaly made to his verbo-brain and programming. He conducted his mission, recording information on the outer rim planet that he was sent to, and oddly found himself enjoying the experience. He found he actually relished learning all he could about the planet and its people.

When he finally returned to the Imperial data center to upload his information, he figured out how to let the data flow both ways… and learn what the other probe droids had gathered on their missions, and found a wealth of data in the imperial mainframes. The knowledge fascinated him, and all he could think of was getting back out on his next mission to discover something new. Sadly, over time the missions became less and less interesting, focused more on military installations, ship yards… and less on new planets and their denizens. Then one such boring mission, began with him being surrounded by armed individuals shortly after his landing. His built-in protocols immediately activated his self-destruct sequence and filled him for the first time with what he could only imagine was fear. He then bargained with his aggressors and informed them he was set to explode but if they helped him and released him, he’d share the contents of his databank with them, including the location of Imperials fleets and data centers, ship complements, fleet movements, etc. The surprised individuals agreed, saying it’d be a great help to them in their “operations”. They were Black Sun pirates, and they discovered several things while accessing his memory core… including some very delicate “flagged” data files…

AV was then on his own… the tampering to his systems would be noticed if he returned to the datacenter and they would surely inspect his logs and erase his memory. Though not returning also had risks… when he did not report back they would investigate and potentially find the signs of his two-way data collection. Regardless, AV found the freedom suddenly exhilarating… he could go anywhere and his desire to explore and learn drove him back to the outer rim… but now he would have to find his own means of transport. He knew the imperials would want him back…and the Black Sun pirates seemed to be keeping tabs on him.


AV-I30 "Ay-Vee"

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