Star Wars - The Enemy of my Enemy

Session 1: The Enemy of my Enemy

By the Maker

Act I – Crime in the Clouds

Just Another Blue Milk Run…

Our first-time smugglers have just arrived on Cloud City of Bespin to take shipment of a cargo of rare ales and spirits. Their long-time fixer and contact, Kavin Rel, arranged to meet them in a cargo warehouse, on the upper levels of Cloud City, where the team would collect the shipment and delivery instructions. After piloting their battered cargo speeder “The Bantha” through the atmosphere, and landing it on one of the interior loading platforms for the warehouse, they enter to meet Kavin…

The ozone smell of blaster fire fills your nostrils as you contemplate how this happened. Again. It was just supposed to be a simple pickup – a shipment of rare ales and spirits your contact on Bespin wanted smuggled off world. But within moments of your arrival at the warehouse, your contact suffered a critical case of being dead, as a blaster shot rang out from the rafters to kill him, and a group of thugs burst into the warehouse, armed to the teeth and rushing towards you with murderous intent!

With Kavin’s body lying dead on the floor, and the two crates of rare ales and spirit still to bring back to the cargo speeder, a tough firefight must ensue against the unknown thugs and their leader, a Barabel, sniping from the rafters.


JeekTal, the Jawa Assassin, quickly spots the Barabel sniper, in a perfect position, perched high on the tallest crane, in the shadow of the roof. Targeting him is a nightmare despite Jeek’Tal and Wes, the Human Marshal best attempts. Not that the Barabel has better shots anyway… It’s almost like Wes is protected by the Maker – the shots ring around him, but a pipe bursts, spilling hot and sleek oil, which starts a fire that promises to engulf Wes.

AV-130 “AV”, the party Droid-Scout, looses no time and rushes to the computer terminals. Slicing into the system, it brings the tall crane hard down, dropping the stunned Barabel right next to Wes, and into the burning oil! Apparently the Marshal’s gun must be firing blanks, ’cause despite being at point blank range, hitting the Barabel seems impossible.

Wes and the Barabel struggle among the fire, and finally drop down from the crate. The Barabel leaves behind his sniper heavy blaster rifle which starts to sizzle. Hidden until then, Frobbacca, the Wookie Outlaw-Tech, bursts from the shadows to punch hard the burning Barabel, dropping him for good.

The shiny heavy blaster rifle is too much of a draw for Jeek’Tal. Running, jumping onto the crate and sliding through the burning oil, the jawa ends up clutching the hot weapon.

While this action takes place, the other thugs are moving in, closing the way to the cargo speed. As the firefight continues AV nearly becomes a bucket of bolts. Leon Celes, the Human Mercenary Soldier, understand rapidly the need to encircle the thugs. He moves into position of fire cover, while Vurt Kagner, the Zelton Performer, somersaults over crates to crash right among the thugs, slashing left and right with his vibro-sword.

The air is smelling of burnt lizard skin, burnt wookie hair, and ozone blaster fire.

Our heroes are victorious but out of breath. Yet they cannot take a breather. An alarm is ringing, Cloud City Security must be coming fast and our smugglers need to run… with the crate of rare ale and spirits, off course.

To be continued…

Items Recovered

  • Kavin Rel – Id chip
  • Heavy Blaster Rifle with Telescopic Optic Sight attachment


Ceodryn Ceodryn

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