Star Wars - The Enemy of my Enemy

Session 2 - Sounds Like a Good Deal!

By Vurt Kagner

From the Ongoing Script of the Play in Making

The Characters

The Amazing Vurt Kagner: The charming ‘smuggler’
Wes: The grizzled former lawman
FroBacca: The brilliant mechanic
AV-130: The tech wiz pilot
Jeek’Tal: The diminutive sharpshooter
Leon Celes: The level headed mercenary

Scene 1 – The Arrest

As the scene opens, our rag tag crew is being pulled over by Bespin’s Cloud City security, due to the fire fight over at the warehouse. The Charming Smuggler attempts to explain why they were fleeing, and how there were just there to pick up a shipment of rare alcohol to be transported. To the ragtag crews surprise, but not the security forces, the crates are opened to reveal…..Glitterstim!

Naturally taken aback by this astonishing revelation, the crew protests – they had no idea, and haven"t yet done anything wrong – despite their pleas, they are taken into custody.

Glitterstim or Glitterdust

Glitterstim was the name of a potent variety of the drug family “spice” that was mined on Kessel. It gave the user a brief, yet pleasurable telepathic boost and heightened mental state. It was a very valuable kind of spice, and tightly controlled by the Galactic Empire.

Holonet: Glitterstim

In the Interrogation Room

The crew sits there in their binders, and restraining bolt. The Charming Smuggler, does his best to annoy and distract the interrogator, his ever constant finger tapping getting more than one side glance. The Jawa Sharpshooter wriggling and squirming, is unable to slip free of his bindings, as the Sector Ranger, Marek Quay, smirks at them all, looking over their datapads. No doubt this crew, in this joint, their crimes likely list a few sectors long. He could have them all locked away for a very long time. Even though on this bust, they’re just small potatoes. That’s when the Charming Smuggler offers him the deal he was clearly waiting for…the chance to bust the recipient of the Glitterdust! A bust like that…getting the head of the totem pole, is guaranteed promotion…and this sector ranger is a go-getter.

The crew barters back and forth working out some details, but in the end, they’re in little position to argue…it’s either go to jail now, or take his deal, for possible payoff, but possible betrayal later. The Charming Smuggler is okay with later – can’t likely find his lost paramour while locked up.

Sector Ranger

The Sector Rangers were established during the days of the Galactic Republic as the Senate mandated the creation of a universal police agency, charged with apprehending criminals and keeping the peace, a concept duplicated in each sector of the Republic. While local law enforcement agencies were restricted by jurisdictional boundaries, the Sector Rangers were able to pursue criminals anywhere within a given sector or even beyond to bring them to trial.

WikiHolonet: Sector Rangers within The Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations (IOCI)

Scene 3 – Back to The Lucky Lady

The heroes decide to head to their ship, The Lucky Lady, that poor dead Kavin had let them use. The droid needs some repairs, a few of the fellows need some rest, and a transponder needs to be looked for. That Roguish Smuggler decides to relax and scope out the best quarters, and already begins decoration of his room. The ship’s garishly painted – Orange, green, magenta – Kavin always was a bad artist….but dedicated to his art. Probably one of the reasons the Smuggler was initially drawn to working with the man…an artists soul, shame nothing meaningful came of their relationship..Kavin cut down to short before anything to blossom. At least the Smuggler can keep Kavin’s memory in these quarters…as they are very clearly his former quarters. The decorating just screams of him.

Scene 4 – Searching Kavin’s Flat

The party is rested, and needs some intel. Thankfully our Charming Roguish Smuggler was clever enough to lift Kavin’s ID card, so they know exactly where to go. Heading down to the lower sectors, they get a few eyes, until Wes the Lawman flashes his guns, scaring off the landlord.

Some of the guys look itchy to try and slice the door, but that Smuggler, just whips out the ID, and unlocks it, stepping in without a care in the world, some others speak up saying maybe he shouldn’t…but he does.

Keeping the Wookie and the Jawa on lookout, the rest search the place. The Smuggler working on the data terminal..he was never much of a computer guy, he knew how to find time to pass and look up certain holovids…apparently Kavin enjoyed the same thing…including a few holovids with some old flames of the Smuggler…

Never knew Tharbos could bend like that...”

But just like their new found ship, luck was on our heroes side, they got the details of who the buyer was, where he was located, and when the shipment was expected.

Their course clear, they set to head back to the ship, the Cool Headed Merc mentioning that he was gonna check out the network about rival gangs, and those mercs from before, and who all might be interested in hijacking the Glitterdust! While nothing is learned of the mercs, word came back, that, their Toydarian buyer is working for a Hutt crime lord, Muraga the Hutt.

Just like a worm to be involved.

Scene 5 – Ambush on Landing Bay 49

The crew still separated, the Wookie and Jawa hanging back behind to keep an eye on things, head back to their ship. They can see the crates of Glitterstim waiting there for them to load up. They also see three very large visitors. moving on an intercepting path. Our Charming smuglger gives one a wink, thinking they must be fans of his…and soon they all turn a dial on their chests, their muscles bulging, foam forming at their mouths, their eyes growing wild and savage.

The Smuggler: “I’ve had men drooling over me before, but never like this.

And with that there begins the sounds of blasters firing, knives clashing and slicing. Wes, the Grizzled Lawman is run down by two of the creatures and falls at the outset, only for our Caring Smuggler to rush back, reviving him during the frantic fight. The Expert Droid Pilot even brings a roof down on these monstrosities, Soon their drug dispersal systems are all broken in various ways, the fight becoming more rational…normally the crew wouldn’t have a problem…but these were Imperial Special Forces; their armor top of the line; their skills superb. It was a hard bloody battle, but our lovable crew makes it out of there, with only one of the Imperials fleeing.


Soon after the firefight ends, the conniving Sector Ranger, Marek Quay, shows up, questioning what the he’s going on. Chewing out the worn out crew for destroying a building, and to tell them not even to try and screw him over in this Glitterdust bust

Smuggler: “They did that. Try and prove otherwise.

Fade Out


This is an amazing script treatment! Normally I’d protest that Wes’s part in it is too small, but instead I’ll thank you for not writing his character as an incompetent tool that exists to suck up stim packs.


@Wes: The dice have been cruel thus far whenever Wes draws his pistols, but they’ll start falling his way soon.

Ceodryn Ceodryn

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