Star Wars - The Enemy of my Enemy

Session 2 - Distasteful Bargain

by Jeek'Tal

Kavin the Employer needed “spirits” moved. “Spirits”. Hiring a team this big with so many triggermen? “Spirits”. No matter. Credits are credits and cargo is cargo. He haggled well, Kavin. It’s a shame he didn’t bargain for a blaster bolt through his skull.

Bad habit … our fixers assassinated at the start of jobs. This is no good for negotiating prices on future jobs.

The killers were Imperial commandos. Hah! No surprise. (spits) Savagery and the Empire are conjoined twins. The brutes wore harnesses and tubes of strange fluid. Almost wanted one, but they were spoiled by Imperial crests …. and they did not standup well to laser blasts.

So long since I took down a stormtrooper, and now I do it more out of compulsion than for satisfaction. That’s a lie. I enjoyed it.

Silly humans of mine fight so strangely! They stand in the open attracting blaster fire like magnets. Our people say, “Trouble? Disappear.”

The wookie knows gadgets. I could learn from him. And his friend the probe droid. He would fetch a lot of credits.

This sector ranger Marek stinks of corruption, but he has all the “water” …. so we must follow the trail he maps for us. Now we’re tangling with hutts? Bad deal. Betraying cops gets you jailed. Betraying crooks gets you killed, and it’s bad for business. “The shrewd do what they can, and fools do what they must.”


How realist (and right) is that little Jawa!

Session 2 - Distasteful Bargain
Ceodryn Ceodryn

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